Pokemon Go’s anniversary event box isn’t worth the purchase

Pokemon Go’s anniversary event box isn’t worth the purchase

One of the main features of Pokemon Go’s anniversary event is a special gift box, which is meant to give players a discount on a variety of items. That may not be the case, as some customers have pointed out.

The anniversary box item costs 1,200 PokéCoins and includes six egg incubators, two premium raid passes, six Max Revives and 20 Ultra Balls. Of the four types of items available, only the premium raid passes are exclusively available to the in-game store; they cost 100 PokéCoins each and allow players to participate in multiple Raid Battles per day. The other three can be collected either from PokeStops or upon leveling up — meaning that buying them at all isn’t necessary.

Egg incubators and Max Revives are available to purchase, however. Bought separately in the same quantity, they’d cost players 900 and 180 PokéCoins. Yet players typically don’t need to purchase any of these, so the supposed savings on them are lost on regular users.

Added up, the contents of the anniversary box would cost players 1,480 PokéCoins if bought individually. That’s a savings of 280 PokéCoins, which is meager, all things considered — because when players don’t even have to buy most of these items most of the time, this supposed deal starts to look pricy.

“The box contains 6 incubators and 2 Raid passes, in addition to PokéStop items,” wrote a user of The Silph Road Reddit forum. “Purchased individually, these items would cost 1100 coins. The box costs 1200. You end up paying 100 coins for some Max Revives and Ultra Balls.”

For players who don’t have easy access to PokéStops and are able to collect PokéCoins by holding down gyms, this deal looks a bit better. But the majority consensus is that this anniversary event is a bit lackluster.

“I do not see how this in any way was intended as a nice gift for the player,” wrote another Reddit user. “I only see Niantic having thought of a way to make some money of the anniversary with minimal effort. I could’ve lived with the box, if it was mixed into a cool event with other perks and gifts for the players.”

The anniversary event runs until July 24. At least there’s a super cute, special-edition Pichuto find during the campaign, if the rest of this stuff doesn’t do it for you.

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