You’ll Never Waste Another Raid Pass in Pokemon Go

You’ll Never Waste Another Raid Pass in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players are going to be really pleased with one of the new features in the next update. Game developers just released a list of improvements for the game’s next update, which includes a feature that allows players to see how many players are preparing to participate in a Raid before they spend a Raid Pass.

That means players can check to see how many players are currently in a Raid Group before they commit to a Raid.

Players have wanted the ability to check raid group sizes for months, especially in spots where it’s not obvious whether players are nearby or not. While it’s easy to see whether a group is gathering to do a Raid in parks, it’s not always as obvious in malls or other busy public places.

The new feature will also come in handy for Legendary Raids, as those often require larger groups to defeat. A passing player can quickly look into a Raid lobby and determine whether an existing Raid Group is large enough to beat a Raid on their own, or if they need some additional help.

Conversely, a player can also check to see if a Raid Group has already started a battle before spending a Raid Pass and discover themselves looking from the outside while others enjoy the fruits of a hard earned victory.

Although this isn’t a huge upgrade, many Pokemon Go players are ecstatic about the upcoming change, even though it won’t go into effect until after the game ends its first wave of Legendary Raids.

We’ll have to see how Pokemon Go‘s next wave of Legendary Raids go, especially with the addition of the new “Exclusive Raid” feature that should go live sometime in the next couple of weeks.

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