PUBG Mobile: Godzilla-King of Monsters Crossover Event

PUBG Mobile: Godzilla-King of Monsters Crossover Event

PUBG Mobile from time to time has special collaboration events with several popular movie and game franchises. We have seen some Mission Impossible themed content and in the last event, we had a lot of zombies in collaborations with Resident Evil franchise.

Now in the latest event Godzilla: King of the Monsters will make an appearance into PUBG Mobile. To celebrate the release of the movie, the game will receive new additions themed as Godzilla.

There will be no massive update on the PlayStore for this, but the game may download an in-game update for it. Few details have been shared by the PUBG Mobile team about how the new experience will be in a new trailer.

It would have been cool to be able to fight and kill Godzilla but all we will have is the spikes-filled back of a Godzilla from the movie on the horizon. Erangel map will be filled with Godzilla marks that players will be required to fill.

There will also be gears which were used in the movie to find Godzilla in the movie to collect in-game and from the store also.

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