Pokmon GO Debuts New Raid Bosses

Pokmon GO Debuts New Raid Bosses

After failed attempt at Chicago, right now Pokémon GO may not be holding any global special events, but specific events in different locations are making their way around the world.

We had an event at Chicago last month, then Europe last week and now it’s Yokohama in Japan. Trainers at Yokohama are seeing rare spawns like an Region-locked Mr. Mime, Shiny Pichu and now, different raid bosses.

Niantic is rotating new Raid Bosses as a part of the special Pokémon GO event. While it’s not confirmed that these Pokémon will be migrating outward to be raid bosses around the world, the idea of rotating raid bosses has been around since the start, and it stands to reason Niantic could be testing these Pokémon in Yokohama to see how they fare.

These reports are still coming in, but the ones that I’ve seen confirmed so far have been:

Wobuffet – 7,144 CP

Meowth – 9,079 CP

Pikachu – 11,845 CP

Piloswine – 21,604 CP

Houndoom – 27,302 CP

Ursaring – 27,409 CP

Golem – 30,572 CP

We have also heard reports of a Dragonite raid boss, but isn’t confirmed yet.

Dragonite raid boss

The strange thing about these bosses is that they’re all Tier 4, meaning you can beat a 9K CP Meowth (which most people should be able to solo) yet still be landing Tier 4 rewards ie. TMs, loads of Rare Candy, etc. That is clearly just something happening for the special event, however.

In reality, Wobuffet seems like he’d be Tier 1, while Meowth and Pikachu are between 1 and 2 level. Piloswine seems like a clear Tier 3 and Ursaring, Houndoom and Golem are all Tier 4 level, we believe. These aren’t exactly the most valuable Pokémon out there other than maybe Golem and Houndoom (and Dragonite, if that’s true) in terms of their fighting prowess, but we can see Niantic wanting to start to mix up the raid bosses, and to be honest, we have some currently that aren’t exactly sought after (Elecatabuzz? Ugh) so this is kind of par for the course. Even still, Meowth? I’m okay if they leave him behind. Also I have enough Piloswine at this point to last me until the end of time, and he is not fun to fight.

I’ve been speculating about future raid bosses for a while now, but only a few of these made my short list. Dragonite seems like an obvious replacement for Tyranitar, but other than that, I thought we’d see Gen 2 starter final forms as bosses, among others. Still, this is probably not a finalized list of who is definitely rotating in as a boss. It could be some or none, and this really just is a one-off event. But I do this boss rotation is coming, probably after the Legendaries disappear for a while.

I like the idea of every raid being Tier 4 for events, which is something I had not thought of to this point. I hope we see that in global events soon and honestly, I’m over these really hyper-localized, rewarding events for a game that has tens of millions of players worldwide who want these kinds of fun prizes as well. Hopefully we’ll see something like this worldwide soon.

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