Pokemon Sun And Moon’s Next Global Mission Is Now Live

Pokemon Sun And Moon’s Next Global Mission Is Now Live

The next global event in Pokemon Sun and Moon kicks off today and revolves around fishing.

This particular Global Mission tasks players with fishing 500,000 Pokemon or items from bubbling fishing spots around the Alola region. Players will have until June 12 to reach the goal.

The award for successfully completing the mission this time is 2,000 Festival Coins, though even if players fail to meet the deadline, everyone who participates will receive at least 200 Festival Coins. Players who have synced their games to the Pokemon Global Link website will earn double the amount of Festival Coins.

Since Sun and Moon’s release last November, there have been seven Global Missions. The first two events, which tasked players with catching 100 million Pokemon and finding 1 million monsters using the games’ Island Scan feature, both ended in failure, but subsequent events have had much more success; the goal of the most recent Global Mission was to harvest 3 million Poke Beans, a total that players exceeded by more than 70 million.

The Festival Coins you earn for participating in Global Missions increase the rank of your Festival Plaza and can be used to purchase special items from the Plaza’s facilities.

Despite launching six months ago, Nintendo continues to announce new Pokemon and events for Sun and Moon. Last month, the company unveiled a new Mythical Pokemon called Marshadow, though it hasn’t said when or how players will be able to acquire the monster. In the meantime, GameStop is offering a special Lycanroc until June 5.

Players can also snag four free Mega Stones for Pidgeot, Heracross, Steelix, and Houndoom through Sun and Moon’s Mystery Gift feature.

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