Pokemon Sun and Moon Add Four New Mega Stones

Pokemon Sun and Moon Add Four New Mega Stones

Collecting all the powerful Mega Stones in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon just got a lot easier, as Nintendo issues a new Mystery Gift code that will give players access to some fan-favorite Mega Evolutions. This particular code will offer trainers with the following Mega Stones, allowing them to evolve their powerful allies one step further: Altarianite (Mega Altaria), Ampharosite (Mega Ampharos), Latiasite (Mega Latias), and Latiosite (Mega Latios).

To receive the gift, Pokemon fans simply have to load up their copy of Pokemon Sun or Moon and select “Mystery Gift” from the Main Menu. When prompted to enter a code, select “Yes” and then input the password “DRACHE” to gain access to the present. After this point, the four Mega Stones can be picked up from a delivery worker in any given Pokemon Center.

Strangely enough, none of the Pokemon that these new stones will help players evolve are actually catchable in the new region of Alola, so trainers looking to make use of them will have to import the creatures over from the Pokemon Bank. But with Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon just over the horizon, it’s likely that those same Pokemon will be heading back to the bank pretty soon.

The new Pokemon titles will be updated versions of the Sun and Moongames, with a brand-new story, character customization, and may even feature a return to the Kanto region. Although Nintendo would surely generate a great deal of hype by announcing a return to the first generation of Pokemon games, its silence on the topic might suggest that the footage in question simply shows a recreation of Lt. Surge’s gym in Alola.

Another exclusive gift that players must claim before it’s too late comes in the form of the new Dusk Lycanroc, which can only be granted to fans who collect it via digital distribution before January 10, 2018. With the new games launching on November 17, trainers will have limited access to the unique dog Pokemon before it is gone, presumably forever.

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