Pokemon Go: Strangest Regional Exclusive Pokemon

Pokemon Go: Strangest Regional Exclusive Pokemon

Regional Pokemon has been part of Pokemon Go since launch and Niantic have received complains about it from everyone as it stops players from completing their Pokedex until they are willing to travel around.

Niantic still thinks that it’s a good idea as Gen 3 also has regional Pokemon, though they are somewhat more straightforward.

  • Zangoose and Plusle are exclusive to America
  • Everywhere else, Seviper and Minun are exclusive.

But players are discovering more regional exclusive Gen 3 Pokemon, as 20 new water and ice type Pokemon were introduced into the game.

New Exclusive Pokemon:

  • Relicanth, exclusive to New Zealand

Regional Exclusive Pokemon for such a small island is a strange idea, that’s like having Tauros spawn only in California or Mr. Mime only show up in England. This is pretty lame for the global player base as they won’t be traveling to New Zealand just for Relicanth (a fish type Pokemon which does not evolve into anything) and this will leave another hole in their Pokedex.

If Niantic keeps on adding Regional Exclusive Pokemon then there should be more events to open them up like what happened with Asia’s Farfetch’d. The strangest thing about this is: I can have 10 stacks of every Legendary Pokémon in the game, and yet I don’t have a single Mr. Mime.

We still have Africa as it does not have any regional exclusive of its own. If Niantic keeps on adding regional exclusive Pokemon then most players will have at least 10 12 holes in their Pokedex.

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