Pokemon Go Holiday Event: Adds Icy Monsters

Pokemon Go Holiday Event: Adds Icy Monsters

Niantic has announced an event for the coming holidays starting today, December 21st and lasts through January 4 and is attempting to get its trainers in the holiday spirit.

Event details:

  • Several new Water and Ice-type Pokemon will spawn more frequently.
  • 20 new Pokemon
  • Festive Pikachu
  • Holiday loot boxes featuring a new item Star Piece
  • Kyogre raid boss
  • Free single use incubator every day

The festivities will run until January 4, 2018.


This Update comes after the AR Plus launch news.

Clearly, Niantic is doing its best to give trainers reasons to venture out into the chilly air as the winter solstice hits. I know if I get the chance to catch Kyogre, I’m going for it, subarctic weather or not.

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