Pokemon Go rotates region exclusives

Pokemon Go rotates region exclusives

Last night Christmas event in Pokemon Go concluded, but fans got an unexpected surprise: rotation of two regional exclusive Pokemon.

Recently released Pokemon Seviper and Zangoose known to be forever at odds with each other have switched their region. The snake-like Seviper and feline mongoose Zangoose are Gen 3 Pokemon released in early December.

The two iconic feuding Pokemon have now moved locations. Seviper is now available in North America, South America, and Africa, while Zangoose is available in Europe, Asia, and Australia. It has also been reported that the migration is rolling out gradually.


I have never been a fan of the regional exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you can read about it here.

Plusle and Minun, which shared the same region, have not switched. Perhaps they will be reunited for Valentines?

Niantic is making changes constantly and region exclusive Pokemon in the future might appear for short periods of time, then stop spawning.

Other Reginal Exclusives

Relicanth – New Zealand
Seviper – NA, SA, Africa
Zangoose – Europe, Asia, Australia
Minun – Europe, Asia, Australia
Plusle – NA, SA, Africa
Corsola – Central America, SA, Florida, Texas, Australia
Heracross – Central America, SA, Florida
Mr Mime – Europe
Kangaskhan – Australia
Tauros – NA
Farfetch’d – Asia

NA = North America
SA = South America

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  1. Xhan Mohammad

    Farfetch’d – East Asia only

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