Pokemon GO Petition Calls for Major Changes to Raids

Pokemon GO Petition Calls for Major Changes to Raids

A Pokemon Go trainer Michael Criss has started a petition this week and is asking for some major changes to game’s Raid System. Raids are one of the latest additions in the game and we have previously expressed our views how Raids are breaking the game.

The petition is about how the current Raid system is taking financial advantage of users. It suggests two changes to make the game more enjoyable for those who don’t want to dump a lot of money in the game.

In the first suggestion, petition calls for Pokemon Go to make all Level 1-3 raids free to play for all users. As this might increase participation in lower level raids.

“Trainers simply don’t want to burn their one free pass on low tier raids, let alone purchase a premium pass for them,” the petition reads. “Making them free would increase trainer interest in participating in these raids.”

Other change the petition calls for is to how Pokemon Go distributes Raid Passes. Currently, players get one Raid Pass for free per day, and can purchase additional Raid Passes for about $1 worth of in-game currency. Each Raid Pass can only be used once, which the petition argues is unfair to players.

“At $1 per premium pass, a trainer could easily find themselves spending $20+ weekly on raid passes,” the petition claims. “A lot of trainers simply don’t raid because of the hefty price tag.

The solution for this would be to allow more free passes to be given out on a daily basis and let them accumulate in a trainer’s item bag. Or allow premium passes to have more than one use, similar to how egg incubators work.”

Of course, the Raid System has been a boon for Pokemon Go, and has led to increased profits for the game in recent weeks. Pokemon Go has remained at the top of Apple and Google’s “Top Grossing Apps” charts since the Raid System was added to the game earlier in the summer.

The petition calls for 10,000 signatures and has already received over 8,000 at the time of publication. You can check out the full petition here.

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