Pokemon Go DOWN: Niantic servers offline leaving fans unable to connect

Pokemon Go DOWN: Niantic servers offline leaving fans unable to connect

POKEMON Go players are unable to connect to the Niantic app, as the server status doesn’t make good reading for fans.

There have been countless offline reports on Down Detector, which measures outage reports for popular apps, websites and online services. Fans are unable to load the app and are told to retry when attempting to do so.

It hearkens back to the launch of the app when there were countless of outage reports due to its popularity. Niantic have made an official statement on the offline reports on the Pokemon Go Twitter page.

The news comes as Pokemon Go developer Niantic announces plans to add Legendary Pokemon Raikou, Entei, and Suicune to the game.

Niantic will replace the current Legendary Raids with a new wave of Legendary Raids featuring Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. Niantic will also begin to trial Exclusive Raids – now known as Ex-Raid Battles – throughout September.

Ex-Raid Battles are an invitation-only affair that will give players the chance to capture Mewtwo. Even more exciting is the discovery of Gen 3 Pokemon in the game files, as well as new items such as the Super Incubator.

This would presumably let players hatch eggs at a much accelerated rate, although nothing has been confirmed. Unfortunately, however, the Gen 3 data doesn’t include move sets or sound files, which suggests a full release is some way off.

It’s possible Gen 3 will release after Mewtwo Raids make an appearance in September.

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