Generation 3 Pokemon Data added in Pokemon Go’s Code

Generation 3 Pokemon Data added in Pokemon Go’s Code

Pokemon Go dropped a small bug-fix update, version number 0.71.0. With this update code for Generation 3 makes an appearance in the game. Dataminers have discovered lines of code related to over 120 new Pokemon first seen in Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire.

If you remember, same type of Generation 2 info was datamined around 3 months before it was released. Generation 3 Pokemon’s include powerful Pokemon like GroudonMetagross, and Salamance, as well as fan favorites like Torchic and Sceptile.

Before any on for you get excited, just the names have been added. There’s no image assets or any GAME_MASTER updates providing stats or other information for the new Pokemon. It’s a long development process and that has just started.

However, the timing does make sense, as players are starting to run out of Pokemon they haven’t caught yet. Legendary Pokemon have been available for some time now, and live events made regional exclusive Pokemon available at more places around the world.

Generation 3 Pokemon have a lot more top level attackers and defenders, than there were  in Generation 2. This would also significantly bolster competitive play, as more top level attackers and defenders will be available to chose from.

A lot of new things added to the Game code. Here are the details.

Generation 3

All 135 Generation III species names were added, with the additional 73 Candy families.

Super Incubator

A new type of incubator Super Incubator, that allows faster egg hatching, has finally received an official in-game icon. The older, incubator were slightly redesigned to better reflect their usage.

Exclusive Raid

With every update Exclusive Raids system details are getting included in the code. In addition, all Raids received a several bug fixes applied to following mechanisms:

  • Raid/Spawn Timers,
  • The Lobby
  • Raid Network issues

New Shiny spawn

In addition to previously available shiny code, a few new lines reference shiny spawns and sparkly effects. So Shiny Pokemon are being worked on.

Search Pokemon by move name

The search bar received an update: you can now search Pokemon using move name. It uses the @ symbol as a starter. For example: @Crunch.

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