Pokemon Go New Update Fix a Ton of Bugs

Pokemon Go New Update Fix a Ton of Bugs

Pokemon Go is getting a new update to fix some of the game’s many bugs.

The game’s developers announced a new update just a few days after their last update went live. However, while the last update contained only a few “minor fixes,” the upcoming updates fixes several of the issues players have complained about for weeks.

The new update fixed everything from the curveball bug to an issue in which players were inadvertently transferring costumed Pikachu. It seems that Pokemon Go is gearing up for something big and they want to get these bugs taken care of before moving forward with some of their other plans.

Here’s what the new Pokemon Go update will fix:

Curveball Bug

For months, players have complained that Pokemon Go will randomly not register curveball throws. Not only did that cause players to get a little less XP for catches, it also meant that players didn’t get a catch rate bonus for curveballs…which was huge when catching Pokemon Go‘s Legendary Pokemon.

Considering that some Pokemon only had a 2% base catch rate, that 1.7x bonus multiplier was critical for giving players a fighting chance of catching that Lugia or Entei.

After acknowledging the issue, Niantic has finally fixed this problem. The new update will register all Curveballs properly, which should make catching Pokemon like Mewtwo and the Legendary Beasts a bit easier.

A Host of Raid Fixes

Pokemon Go also fixed a ton of bugs related to raids and gym battles. For instance, players can FINALLY see how many players are waiting inside a Raid Lobby, so they can decide whether to join a raid or not.

The new update will also fix a recurring issue that randomly caused network errors while battling in gyms. While some assumed it was actually poor signal connection that was causing the errors, it turns out it was actually a glitch in Pokemon Go‘s code.

Players will also no longer have to re-select their Raid Teams when they used items inside the gym lobby. While Pokemon Go still hasn’t given players the options of pre-selecting their raid teams, not having to pick Pokemon multiple times before a raid is really useful.

Costumed Pikachu

Pokemon Go also added some safeguards to keep players from unknowingly transferring costumed Pikachu. Players can no longer mass transfer costumed Pikachu at all, similar to how players can’t mass transfer Shiny Pokemon or Legendary Pokemon. Pokemon Go also added a dialogue button warning players that they are about to transfer a costumed Pokemon.

Players had issues with accidental transfers of costumed Pokemon a few weeks ago, when a glitch popped up that caused the Pokemon’s costumes to disappear. Not only does this fix that issue, it also potentially teases that a new costumed Pokemon is on the way. Perhaps Pikachu is about to appear wearing a Halloween costume?

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