Pokemon Go’s – Nests Randomized Worldwide with addition of evolved Pokemon’s and more spawn points have been added, some deleted.

Pokemon Go's - Nests Randomized Worldwide with addition of evolved Pokemon's and more spawn points have been added, some deleted.

As we all know on 26th September, Pokemon Go changed spawn parameters of the game in a lot of ways which we were not expecting. Fans were confused when the latest nest migration didn’t happen on time, now we know that Niantic was planning few changes to spawn parameters.

Here are the main changes that happen:

  1. Nest migration was random i.e a Squirtle nest can now be Exeggcute, Jigglypuff, Magmar,             Geodude, Ponyta.
  2. Now a nest can sometimes spawn an evolved version of the Pokemon. A Charmander nest can spawn Charizard.
  3. Pokemon’s at nest location now sometimes have high IV, before they were all low.
  4. Some new Nests have been added and some have been deleted.
  5. A lot of new spawn points have also been added, some have also been deleted.
  6. Spawn rate may have also been changed.

In previous nest change by Niantic, a particular Pokemon nest worldwide were changed to some other specific Pokemon. For example, a Charmander nest was changed to an Bulbasaur nest after the first update, as did all other Charmander nests worldwide. In next update, Bulbasaur nests, all changed to eevee nests, and so on.

So this time there is no predicting what nests have changed into, the only thing that hasn’t changed is rarity. So fans now have to go out and find what there nearby nest have changed into. If you decide to do so, keep in mind some nests have been removed and you may also find a new nest location.

Basic Pokemon’s like Pidgey, Rattat, Zuba, Spearow spawn remains the same, but rare Pokemon’s spawn is now more random, which means it will be harder to keep track of spawns so all the 3rd party apps might have to make some changes.

So are all these changes good or bad, I personally things it’s a good change. Pokemon Go is all about going out and exploring the world, its was getting predictable lately, which takes out the fun and makes it boring. So at-least now we have a reason to go out again and catch’em all.

Happy hunting, do let us know what do you thing about these changes in comments.


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