Pokemon Go – Nests location

Pokemon Go Nest is an area, generally small where a specific Pokemon spawns consistently in high amount.

How to identify a Nest?

It’s easy to identify a Nest as a lot of the same Pokemon will we spawning there and you must have seen them, maybe without releasing it.

A nest is a really great place to hunt (if it’s of a Pokemon you love and not a Pidgey nest) as you will be able to catch that particular Pokemon in high amounts.

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Spawn points and Nests

Spawn Points are places where random Pokemon spawns every N minutes. There are many factors which determine which random Pokemon will spawn, like the area, distance from water, the number of roads, etc.

A nest is a place where specific 2-3 Pokemon spawns, sometimes just 1 and in large numbers.

So every nest is a Spawn point but every Spawn point is not a Nest.

Pokemon GO Nest Map

There are many Pokemon Go Nest Maps available on the internet but the best among them is TheSilphRoadIt is the biggest Nest project so you won’t need to go anyplace else.

But to access the map you will need a code which can be obtained by participating on TheSilphRoad Reddit.

To keep the map updated please report your sighting on the map.

Location and Pokemon Change

Location of the Nests keep on changing, new nests may appear and old nest may disappear and they may also change location. This keeps the game fresh.