Pokemon Go: Lugia Returns For A Limited Time

Pokemon Go: Lugia Returns For A Limited Time

Fan Favorite and one of the first Legendary Pokemon that made an appearance in Pokemon Go – Lugia, will soon make another appearance in the game. The Gold and Silver Legendary will return as Raid Boss for a limited period of time starting March 16th.

Lugia will be available as Raid Boss to be battled in Gyms same as when it first made an appearance in the game but this time it will also have a new improved Flying-type move Sky Attack. However the Pokemon Go Developer Niantic did not give any details as to how the Sky Attack has been improved.

As before players have to fight and defeat the Raid Boss Lugia in order to capture it and you can use our Lugia raid guide for it. Niantic also teased that Lugia will be easier to catch this time after it is defeated in the Gym battle.

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As Lugia arrives the other Legendary, Rayquaza will leave the game and it also marks the end of rewards form the Pokemon Go Legendary week. Rewards of the Legendary week event were double XP and Pokemon that prefer windy weather – such as Salamence’s first form, Bagon were more likely to hatch from Eggs.

Lugia as Raid Boss will be available until 2nd April. Niantic will also host the third community Day event on 25th March. Community day event will run for three hours, beginning at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET and ending at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET. The featured Pokemon during this month’s Community Day will be the classic starter Bulbasaur, although Niantic has yet to announce what it’s exclusive move will be.

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