Rayquaza Is In The Lead As Pokemon GO’s Legendary Week Ends

Rayquaza Is In The Lead As Pokemon GO’s Legendary Week Ends

Legendary Week in Pokemon Go is almost over, in which when a Legendary Egg popped around us, we were not sure what’s inside. This was happening as Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza were all spawning at the same time,  giving players a chance to catch up on the Legendaries they may have missed.

This event also has a catch challenge: if most caught Legendary during the event is Kyogre, then more Rainy weather Pokemon will hatch from eggs, if Groudon, it will be Sunny Pokemon, and if more Rayquaza, it will be more Windy Pokemon.

We don’t know exactly when this event will end, our guess would be around 1 PM PST, after which we go back to just having Rayquaza spawn until 15th March.

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But this event doesn’t feel like a well-executed event as it has the same problem that we had when all three Legendary Birds were available at the same time: Not enough players showing up for the Raid. Most of the time its really hard to get enough trainers together to do a Legendary Raid and it was even harder during the event as there was no certainty that the Legendary someone wanted will pop up.

Another issue with the event is most of the trainers clearly want more Wind Pokemon and on top of that Niantic announced that we’d have a better chance at Bagon, and thus the rare third-tier evolution Salamence, making most trainers go after Rayquaza.

As of now, #TeamRayquaza is winning, and I still need a Kyogre.

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