Pokemon Go: Best Attackers Tier List

Pokemon Go: Best Attackers Tier List

Tier 1

Pokemon from this tier are best attackers in most of the situations as they have High Attack, Best Moves and Type advantages.

RayquazaRampardosGiratina (Origin Forme)

Tier 2

Tier 2 Pokemon can be broken into two groups;

  • The best Pokemon of their type, just slightly less relevant attacking types than seen in Tier 1.
  • A close 2nd best option for attacking types in Tier 1.

These Pokemon are extremely important parts of your battle parties. If you can power them up at the start of a raid boss rotation, you’ll get a full month’s use out of them. They’re likely to still be good again a few months later. Tier 2 Pokemon remain an essential part of any trainer’s roster now and for future generations.


Tier 3

Or, where we threw all the Dragon Pokemon. The Dragon types are of a similar power level, each with its own strengths.

Other Tier 3 Pokemon have multiple better options seen in Tiers 1 and 2, or aren’t as meta relevant (Ground-types).

Despite their lower tier, Tier 3 Pokemon are still very good! Because of their high stats, the Pokemon in this tier should remain competitive in the future as well.


Tier 4

Tier 4 Pokemon are quite good and plenty usable. Though not at the power level of the best Pokemon, raiders packing Tier 4 Pokemon are more than sufficiently prepared.

Many of these Pokemon were considered the best at one point or another. Despite now being outclassed, these Pokemon have proven they can get the job done. A few have a different defensive typing than the “better” options, giving them niche roles.


Tier 5

Tier 5 Pokemon have better options. They’re often backup choices, or they simply lack any meta relevance to a substantial degree. You may find that Tier 5 options save you resources from investing fully into specific teams.

Using these Pokemon means you’re pulling your weight, though they might require help from some higher tier options or an additional trainer. That said, powered up Tier 5 Pokemon will outperform unpowered top tier options.

Alolan Exeggutor

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