Marvel Super War: Yondu Hero Guide

Marvel Super War: Yondu Hero Guide

Yondu in Marvel Super War is a Marksman with Extreme difficulty and is an A Tier Hero. Yondu has a very long range allowing him to harass his enemies from range. He is also really hard to catch off guard as he can move while attacking with Yaka Arrow and his Ravager Kick removes control effects and knockback nearby enemies.

His ultimate is great for finishing off low health targets.

Yondu Stats


Yondu Attacks

Yondu Yaka Charge
Yaka Charge (Passive)
Hero Trait, CD: 1.2 secs
Yondu Whistle Charge
Whistle Charge
Active | Enhance, CD: 10 secs, No Cost
Yondu Ravager Kick
Ravager Kick
Active | Accelerate, CD: 11 secs, No Cost
Yondu Arrow Barrage
Arrow Barrage
Active | Damage, CD: 30 secs, No Cost

Skill Details

Yaka Charge

Passive: Yondu’s basic attack is considered a special ability, as he can consume his Yaka Arrow’s action power to increase his basic attack damage. Each basic attack consumes one block of action power and deals an additional 5 (+15%Physical Attack) (+4%(Increases 1% every 66.67 Bonus Physical Attack) Target’s Max HP) physical damage . Action power is regenerated over time, with one block being restored every 5 seconds. The initial limit is two blocks, but this increases with hero level, with one additional block added at levels 6, 11, and 16.

Yondu’s attack speed stat doesn’t affect his basic attack speed, but it increases his physical attack. Each 1% attack speed grants him an additional 2 physical attack.

Whistle Charge

Yondu enhances his Yaka Arrow so his next basic attack deals an additional 20 (+35%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage without expending action power. The arrow will also stun the target for 1 seconds.

Ravager Kick

Yondu knocks surrounding enemy forces back with a roundhouse kick, dealing 60 (+100%Physical Attack) physical damage and recalling his Yaka Arrow back to his side, and removes all control effects from himself. For the next 0.75 seconds, Yondu is immune to all control effects and gains 60% movement speed.

Arrow Barrage

Passive: If Yondu hits the same enemy hero twice in a row with Arrow Call, he applies a 6-second mark to this hero.

Active: Yondu commands his Yaka Arrow to strike all enemies within 1200 yards in succession, dealing 100 (+100%Physical Attack) physical damage . When hitting a marked enemy, it deals an extra 50 (+10%Target’s Missing HP) physical damage .

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