Marvel Super War: Ebony Maw Hero Guide

Marvel Super War Ebony Maw Hero

Ebony Maw in Marvel Super War is a Support with Hard difficulty and is an A Tier Hero

Ebony Maw Stats

Class Support
Difficulty Hard
DSP 60%
Defense 40%
Mobility 80%
Support 20%

Ebony Maw Attacks

Ebony Maw Black Tongue
Black Tongue (Passive)
Hero Trait, CD: 0 secs
Ebony Maw Psychic Entity
Psychic Entity
Active | Special, CD: 12 secs, Cost: 50 Energy
Ebony Maw Mindsteal
Active | Damage, CD: 6 secs, Cost: 40 Energy
Ebony Maw Bewilderment
Active | Control, CD: 10 secs, Cost: 30 Enery
Ebony Maw Dark Burst
Dark Burst
Active | Control, CD: 55 secs, Cost: 100 Enery

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