Marvel Super War: Namor Hero Guide

Marvel Super War: Namor Hero Guide

Namor in Marvel Super War is a Tank with Beginner difficulty.

Namor Stats


Namor Attacks

Marvel Super War: Namor Hero Guide 1
King of Atlantis (Passive)
Hero Trait, CD: 0 secs
Quicksilver Instastrike
Raging Waves
Active | Slow, CD: 10 secs, No Cost
Quicksilver Hypercharge
Trident of Neptune
Active | Control, CD: 10 secs, No Cost
Quicksilver Spatial Relativity
Deep Sea Vortex
Active | Control, CD: 60 secs, No Cost

Attacks Details

King of Atlantis (Passive): When Namor uses basic attacks on enemy heros, he creates a pool of water at his target’s feet for 4 secs. This effect can be triggered eery 10 secs.

Raging Waves: Namor summons a mighty wave and launches it in the specified direction,, dealing 40 (+80% Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in range and slowing them by 45% for 2 seconds, while creating a pool of water for 4 seconds. If the wave passes through another pool of water, it will travel for an extended distance.

LVL 11040
LVL 29.5100
LVL 39160
LVL 48.5220
LVL 58280
LVL 67.5340
LVL 77400

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