Marvel Super War: WOLVERINE Guide

Marvel Super War: WOLVERINE Guide

Wolverine in Marvel Super War is a fighter hero.He is an attack-style hero with huge HP recovery.

Wolverine Passive increasing his Attack, Attack Speed, and HP regen each time he loses HP.

Wolverine Stats


Wolverine Attacks

Mutant Healing Factor

Passive: Wolverine becomes enraged, increasing his Attack by 3.5%/4%/4.5%/5% each time he loses 5% of his max HP (Effect changes at Lv. 1/6/11/16). He also increases his Attack Speed by 4% and HP regen by 4%.

Battle Rampage

Wolverine becomes more ferocious, increasing Movement Speed by 40% and Attack Speed by 50% while enhancing his next 3 basic attacks. The first two basic attacks deal an additional 90(+35%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage, while the third basic attack launches up the target and deals an additional 100(+50%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage.

Berserker mode: His third basic attack knocks down the target and deals an additional 100(+50%Bonus Physical Attack) true damage.

Adamantium Slash

Wolverine slashes with his adamantium claws, dealing 230(+50%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage to nearby enemies. Each enemy hit restores his HP by 160(+50%Bonus Physical Attack)(+4%Missing HP).

Berserker Rage

Wolverine becomes enraged and enters Berserker mode for 5 second(s), increasing his Armor by 90(+60%Bonus Physical Attack) and Energy Resist by 90(+30%Bonus Physical Attack), while restoring 3% of his max HP every 0.5 second(s).

Wolverine Gameplay Guide


Wolverine is a top lane hero but also can be used as a jungler. Use him to harass enemies while recovering your HP.

Build Items

Solo DPS – Stormbreaker, Nightsword, Double Dagger,Godslayer, Valkyrior Bow, and Gungnir.

Jungle DPS – Quantum Rifle, Upgraded Hydra Boots,Stormbreaker, Nightsword, Twilight Blade and Immortal Glaive.

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