Marvel Super War: Season 1 Details

Marvel Super War: Season 1 Details

Marvel Super War has announced its official Season 1 beginning January 16th. Season 1 brings a lot of new additions to the game and a new Hero. Doctor Strange will be finally available in the game with the start of Season 1.

Marvel Super War was launched on 19th December for selected Asian countries. During this soft launch, the game was in pre-season and it had 42 characters to start with. Namor and Ghost have also been added during the pre-season.

NetEase has shared some details about the upcoming Season 1, which include new heroes, skins, ranks, and trophies.

Season 1 Details


Players will be ranked between nine levels starting from Mighty Iron to Supreme legendary Master.

  • Mighty Iron
  • Fearless Bronze
  • Superior Silver
  • Immortal Gold
  • Magnificent Platinum
  • Unbeatable Diamond
  • Invincible Hero
  • Legendary Master
  • Supreme Legendary Master

New Heroes and Skins

Mystical Doctor Strange! (Behold the powers of the Sorcerer Supreme!) will be added with the start of Season 1 on 16 January.

New skins for Magneto and Mister Fantastic.

Mister Fantastic skin can be won by:

  • Win at least 10 Victories in Ranked Battles during the season.
  • Reach the Immortal Gold tier for the season.

For Magneto you have to purchase the Battle Pass (Hero Assembly) and reach Level 60.

Check out the Season 1 video below.

New Heroes coming soon

Some new heroes are also coming to Marvel Super War but not officially confirmed yet.

  • Bucky Barnes
  • Jean Grey
  • Gambit
  • Venom
  • Vision
  • Invisible Woman
  • Falcon
  • Black Knight

Recent Patch Notes

Free Hero Rotation

Beast, Captain America, Executioner, Groot, Angel, Loki, Lady Sif, Jubilee Storm, and Rocket Raccoon.

Latest Events

7-Day Sign-in Rewards

Limited Time Discount: Human Torch and War Machine are 30% off when using Coins and Star Credits!

Hero Adjustments


Hero Trait [God of Thunder]: Energy damage increased from 0.3% hero level to 0.4%hero level. HP restoration increased from 0.25% hero level to 0.3%hero level.

Winds of Valhalla: Skill cooldown decrease. Increased Charge distance from 650 to 750.

Thunderclap: Power, physical defense and energy resist increased

War Machine

Rocket Shell: Damage increased

Fire Bomb: Slowing effect increased from 30% to 40%.

Precision Guidance: Cooldown decreased

Black Widow

Shadow Kick: Physical damage increased.

Widow’s Sting: Range of electric shock increased (500 to 650). Dash distance increased (500 to 600).

Final Tempest: Physical damage increased. HP restoration increased.


Web Shot: Web Mark’s slowing effect decreased from 5 seconds to 1 second.

Captain America

Star of Freedom: Damage the shield absorbs decreased and the bonus max HP gained decreased.

Liberty Rush: The physical damage decreased. HP restoration on hit has decreased.

Lastly, still no update on global release and if you would like to know which role best for you take this Official Quiz.

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