Magikarp Jump Updated with an Ultra League, New Support Pokemon and Much More

Magikarp Jump Updated with an Ultra League, New Support Pokemon and Much More

There has been much anticipation as of late, as a major update for the frontrunner for 2017’s iOS Game of the Year has been on the cards. No, not Death Road to Canada – I’m talking about Pokemon: Magikarp Jump, which took the App Store by storm when it flopped onto the iPhone back in May. In a rather fitting allusion to its starring water-type Pokemon, what appeared to be a throwaway slapstick experience starring the notoriously weak titular fish actually turned out to evolve into a surprisingly formidable beast.

While Magikarp Jump won’t be making waves and redefining gaming as a medium anytime soon, our very own Shaun Musgrave brilliantly explained the appeal of the game through the tales of his own Pokemon, and it seems such a bond to the orange whiskered sea-dweller has occurred with many. Today, a major new update for Magikarp Jump has released, with a new Ultra League, additional support Pokemon and much more.

There’s quite a lot in store in the 1.2 update for Magikarp Jump, and a lot for anyone who may have ‘finished’ the base game and wanted to become an even greater trainer in the game’s bizarre alternate Pokemon-filled reality. Firstly, trainer ranks have bene increased to 79 and the maximum Magikarp level moved up to 89, and the Ultra League has been added to serve as an additional challenge for any committed Magikarp raisers.

Furthermore, white and black patterned Magikarp are now available, and fan favorites Eevee and Mudkip have been included as support Pokemon within the game. Additional friendship items and a new Clefairy Doll have been added to the Diamond Store, and new events and training options to toughen up your Pokemon are now in Magikarp Jump.

I should have seen it coming after the whole Pokemon GO phenomenon, but I’m genuinely surprised that a Pokemon game has come along and made such an impact in the clicker genre, but here we are. Fair play to The Pokemon Company for continuing to surprise me over twenty years on. Download the 1.2 update for Pokemon: Magikarp Jumpnow, and let us know your impressions on these new additions.

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