Jurassic World Alive: Update 1.3 Brings New Creatures, Strike Event and Achievements

Jurassic World Alive Update 1.3

Ludia brings in some exciting news as a new update 1.3 bring a lot of changes and new features to  Jurassic World Alive. This will be a massive update which will add 11 New Dinosaurs to the game and features that will make gameplay more rewarding.

Most exciting changes and features in the update are:

  • 11 New Dinosaurs.
  • Power balancing of the creatures.
  • Rare and Epics Dino have increased spawn.
  • PvE battles called Strike Events.
  • Achievements have been added.

So let’s dive into the changes and features update 1.3 brings.


11 new dinosaurs will be added with this update, here is the list of new dinosaurs

Common Dinosaurs

5 New common dinos have been added among them Gallimimus and Brachiosaurus were highly requested by the community. Other additions are:

  • Ornithomimus
  • Giraffatitan
  • Gryposuchus

Parent dinos of hybrids are not yet confirmed so these are just speculations.

Hybrids Dinosaurs

  • Diplotator (Diplocaulus and Irritator )
  • Ankylocodon (Ankylosaurus and Ophiacodon)
  • Diloranosaurus (Dilophosaurus and Ouranosaurus)
  • Monomimus (Monopholosaurus and Suchomimus)

Superhybrids Dinosaurs

They both will possibly be Unique dinosaurs.

  • Tuoramoloch (Tuojiangosaurusand Paramoloch)
  • Sarcorixis (Sarcosuchus and Tragodistis).


More cash is coming our way as achievements bring rewards with them. This will also add a concept of mission into the game.


  • Achievements will be available under the Achievements menu under Player Level, with more than 30 Achievements.
  • The reward for Achievements will be cash, which is good news for free to play players.

There will be seasonal tournaments, but how will they work is not clear. We will update about that as more information comes in.

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Jurassic World Alive New Map

  • Spawns of Rare and Epic dinos will increase.
  • A different map for the day, night, dawn, and dusk, with increased Supply Drops.
  • Double rewards for VIP players from Drops.

Strike Events

  • Two new arenas have been added, Daybreak and Nightfall on which strike will appear on a weekly basis. Strike battles will have several rounds and the opponents will become stronger as a player moves up the rounds.
  • If defeated players will have retries, but they will be limited. The limit applies to the event and not on rounds, so for the full event, a player will have a set of retries.
  • There will be rewards for winning every round and a grand prize for winning the event.


  • The new Social tab will allow players to build a social group with the Friends feature.
  • A player can send invites and ad friends via gamer ID.
  • Friends can participate in Friendly Battles, but no trophy will be awarded for that and level 26 creatures will be used.


The creature roster has been reworked in order to create a globally balanced experience and to avoid power creep. So most probably the Raptor will no longer be overpowered and we will see others dinos more in the Arenas.


  • Power saver for older devices.
  • No more ads on Supply Drops (Events supply drops will have ads).

And the almighty MINOR TEXT FIXES.

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