Gym Rework Will Be The Next Major Update In 2017

Gym Rework Will Be The Next Major Update In 2017
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While Hanke’s speech was interesting from start to finish, it was the final few minutes that really had players buzzing for the future of Pokemon GO. Around 20 minutes into his speech, Hanke revealed that Niantic have three major new releases for Pokemon GO mapped out for 2017.

And finally with Pokemon GO, we’re only getting started with the game. We just launched our first major update of 2017; we introduced 80 new Pokemon into the game and we have three major new releases for Pokemon GO mapped out for this year,” Hanke announced.

Hanke continued; “So Pokemon GO we expect to continue to be a healthy and growing project for many years, but we’re also working on a number of new AR gaming projects…We’ll be launching a new version of our original game Ingress later this year, and we have some other projects that unfortunately I can’t talk about today.

Furthermore, Hanke also sat down with the German branch of digital news outlet Wired to discuss the next major update to Pokemon GO. This means we can expect one of the three major updates to be Gym Rework.

Gym Rework

Issues with Gyms:

  • Hanke admits the current Gym system is incomplete
  • Hanke admits that Gyms don’t work as well as they wanted them to
  • They learned how common goals help communities get together from Ingress

“We will rework this [gym] aspect of the game so that there will be more teamwork and people will get more incentive and reward for participating.” Hanke also confirmed there was little time for innovation as they struggled to tackle real time problems with their technology and platform.Future Updates In 2017. PvP and Trading

Pokemon Go: an update every quarter, group play and new Pokemon incoming!

Hinted – How will it continue after the Arena update for 2017? “For the two releases that follow, we are pushing the most diverse features back and forth to define the final goals,” says Hanke. “The developers at Niantic would think a lot about how players can trade monsters and fight against each other.”

Possible Legendary Birds and Mew/MewTwo Events

In addition, Niantic wants to finally deliver what many trainers have been waiting for since the first few weeks: the legendary Pokémon – Mewtwo, Mew and the three elemental birds assigned to the teams. “I can safely say we’ll see more of it this year,” says Hanke.

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