Draconius Go: Size Matters Offer

draconius go update size

Elyland is constantly trying to attract more players towards Draconius Go, in that effort it had made few changes and announced a series of events.

The first event Dragon’s Stare which ended today had the following bonus:

  • The cost of Dragon’s Eyesight has been reduced by 20%.
  • The number of chests in both worlds has been doubled.

It started on Jan 02, 2018 and lasted until Jan 09, 2018. As it ends a new Offer was announced through in-game notification.

Size Matters which offer the following bonus:


  • The cost of an upgrade of the bag and the Creature storage has been reduced by 50%.
  • The number of items from pillars has been increased by 1.
  • The cost of ‘Zebra-Rabbit’s Watch’ artifact has been reduced by 20%.

The ‘Size Matters’ special offer will last from Jan 9, 2018, until Jan 12th. So make most of it now.

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