Will Trading Break Pokemon Go?

Will Trading Break Pokemon Go?

Most of you must have heard about the new features coming to Pokemon Go, yes I’m talking about Trading along with friend system. Some of you might also be thinking how this can be bad for the game and what potential problems trading in Pokemon Go would bring.

But Niantic has taken almost two years to bring in trading and the reason it took so look is they had to carefully design it, so it does not break the game. And they seemed to have achieved that, though it is not live yet.

Trading relies heavily on playing with friends, which is why it might be difficult to “black market” and sell valuable Pokemon.

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Important points about Trading:

  • Most important factor in Trading is friendship level. You need to play with a specific friend to increase friendship level with him and unlock different aspects of trading. It will take at least 90 days to reach “best friends” level and unlock everything, so absolutely no trading with random players.
  • Players have to trade locally. So no legendary trade with a random guy half way across the globe.
  • Any Pokemon except mythics can be traded with level 1 “good friends”, but it will cost players a huge amount of stardust. As friendship level increases, this stardust cost comes down, thus motivating players to become best friends.
  • Only 1 Legendary, shiny or Pokemon you do not have can be traded per day.
  • HP/IV randomization, yes you read it right, the traded Pokemon will have a random new IV value. So trading can be used to fill up holes in your Pokedex but not for trading powerful Pokemon.
  • Better friends will have a better chance of favorable IV, but it’s likely that say, trading a perfect 100 will almost always get you a worse one at the end, so you clearly don’t want to do that.
  • This makes trad not that useful for high-level players, but I think it’s for the best.
  • Friend system will also reward players for battling gyms together and doing Raids with friends.

In the end, I would say that this is a thoughtful implementation of a system that cloud have broken the game. And instead will encourage players to play together have become friends.

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