The Walking Dead’s Trailer Looks Interesting

The Walking Dead’s Trailer Looks Interesting

Pokemon Go enjoyed a long stretch of time with almost zero competition, they promised a lot in their trailers, some of which are finally starting to sprout after a year and a half of launch. Niantic could afford all this time as there was no competition for them but now a lot of other big names are making their own AR games. Last week we wrote about how you will be able to catch dinosaurs in Jurassic World Alive and now more footage is out for The Walking Dead: Our World.

The Walking Dead AR game always made sense to me and now after seeing the latest gameplay trailer for the first time, it looks interesting.

Yes, it a lot different than Pokemon Go as we will not be catching creatures but instead will be slaughtering zombies.

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The Walking Dead: Our World Gameplay:

The player will walk around in their towns and encounter zombies of various levels and they have to use their phones to gun them down using AR mode. Players will also receive help from Walking Dead characters like Daryl, Michonne, and Carl.

The trailers also show how a player can level up to different weapons and maybe they will also be able to level up the assistance they receive from the in-game characters.

I have tried No Man’s Land one of the other Walking Dead mobile game developed by the same team and was not impressed with their execution, so let’s hope they do a better job this time around. My other concern would be lack of a massive network and data Niantic had through Ingress to build around.

I think these two games will give a change we need after a year and a half of Pokemon Go. In Pokemon Go, we are almost done with Gen 3 and Gen 4 will soon be out.

These kind of games are a challenge for the developer as many have tried but not succeeded one of them being Draconius Go, but I am hoping that someone else can succeed. Niantic is also working on a new Harry Potter game with Warner Bros.

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