The Hunt For Ditto In Pokemon GO Is Finally On!

The Hunt For Ditto In Pokemon GO Is Finally On!
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Ditto has long been rumored to arrive in Pokemon GO, but it was only recently that everything about it seems to make sense. Following a recent update to the game, data miners on social media sites were able to gather information about the Pokemon’s supposed arrival and abilities. This is definitely something that players must look forward to.

According to The Silph Road — a popular Reddit community dedicated to Niantic’s hit mobile game — the signature move of Ditto has been discovered in the title. This is thanks to a new patch (v0.47.1) unleashed by the studio lately. The said update reportedly brought various client-side changes, all of which have been data mined a couple of days ago.

While there have been several Pokemon Easter eggs pointing to the Pokemon GO creature’s existence in the last few weeks, nothing seems to highlight its ability. Well, actually, it’s already a thing in the past. The aforementioned community was able to confirm that the developers have finally assigned — officially — the Transform ability to the specie. As of this writing, it’s already been placed in the game’s newly released server-side settings.

So what does this mean for the fans of Niantic’s title? It’s simple — the hunt is on! Yes, that’s right. The highly anticipated Pokemon is already available in the game. Players can now head straight to the wild and look for the popular monster.

The said Pokemon GO creature is equipped with the ability to transform into any other species. For instance, it can copy Dragonite. And through it, it’s also able to mimic or utilize the same skills. This one here is really going to be a real game changer in gym battles.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, the monster was first rumored to arrive sometime in December. The month is believed to be the release window of Gen 2 update, something fans have also been anticipating for. Hence its arrival is a bit of a surprise to many fans.

What are your thoughts on Ditto finally arriving to Pokemon GO? Have you started your journey to catching this creature already? What are your expectations? Tell us what you think at the comment section below!

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