The first Generation II Nest Migration has occurred!

The first Generation II Nest Migration has occurred!

Nests have migrated again.

This time including the newly added Generation II Pokémon. Despite the launch of Generation 2 and the recent Nest shake up, the biweekly schedule of Nest migrations is still in place.

We have no special guides or knowledge to share about this migration, but we do hope that your local nests get something good.

If you’re wondering what has changed, we urge you to explore your local area. Migrationary Pokémon are randomly shuffled since the 3rd Nest Migration, making it difficult to make any comprehensive change log. As always, use TheSilphRoad’s Nest Atlas to report your findings!

Our Nest Migration Tracker was updated with the new migration and now shows calculated dates for future migrations.

Get that Cyndaquil nest!

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