Sprint Giving Out Pokemon Go Promo Codes

Sprint Giving Out Pokemon Go Promo Codes

Earlier this month, Pokemon Go introduced a promo code field in their shop so that Niantic and its sponsors could occasionally give out special promotional items to players. Due to Apple’s terms of service, the promo code field can only be found in Android devices. While the promo codes have been in Pokemon Go for almost a month, we haven’t heard anything about how the new codes would be used.

Recently, Sprint posted a new event to its “My Trainer Rewards” page, a Pokemon Go rewards club that encourages players to visit Sprint stores for points that can be redeemed for prizes like gift cards and Sprint product. Apparently, Sprint is giving away promo codes to Pokemon Go players that can be redeemed for Great Balls, Lucky Eggs, and Incense. Lucky Eggs and Incense can usually be purchased in Pokemon Go‘s in-app store, so these codes technically have some monetary value to them.

The codes will be available at Sprint Stores across the United States, but each store only has a limited supply. As we mentioned earlier, the codes are only good on Android devices, but you do not have to have a Sprint phone plant to participate. The website says the promotion will run as long as codes are available, so take advantage of the free Great Balls, Lucky Eggs, and Incense.

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