The Simpsons Parodies Pokemon in Latest Episode

The Simpsons Parodies Pokemon in Latest Episode
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The Simpsons is still going strong after all these years and this time they’ve taken aim at last summer’s biggest phenomenon. Last week’s episode featured an extended clip dedicated to parodying Pokemon Go, complete with a musical sequence.

One of the episode’s B-plots features several characters growing addicted to Peekemon Get, a mobile game in which players enslave digital creatures. Baby Maggie even gets addicted to the game, playing the game in her crib at night. If that isn’t enough, Lisa and Homer both transform in anime characters and sing to the tune of the original Pokemon anime theme song.

The musical number also features Maggie transforming into a butterfly warrior and cutting off Homer’s head, which we’re pretty sure isn’t part of any Pokemon game we’ve played. You can check out the full clip above:

This isn’t the first time that The Simpsons has referenced the popular series of games. Pikachu has made several cameos in various couch gags over the years, and even once popped up in one of Bart’s hallucinations. Fox also released a clip last summer showing Homer losing his kids at a local zoo because he was too busy playing Pokemon Go.

The full episode is currently available on Fox’s website here, and should also be available On Demand.

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