Reports of increase in rural spawn and Niantic accepting request for Gyms and PokeStops

Reports of increase in rural spawn and Niantic accepting request for Gyms and PokeStops

Niantic released NianticHelp, a dedicated Community Support Twitter account few weeks back for bug reports, help enquiries and providing general technical support. But now there are reports of them also accepting requests for PokeStops and PokeGym changes (no reports of new addition request been accepted).

A redditor firepanda11 also warned of requests about asking Niantic to swap a PokeGym and PokeStops around as they may just outright remove it.

A few months ago I saw a post about how a gym and Pokestop were swapped around after requesting it. A small amusement park near me had a gym accessible by trespassing to their parking lot after hours. However there was also a Pokestop that could be spun from the public road at any given time.
I wrote the letter and kept receiving many automated messages about it before finally, they removed the publically accessible Pokestop and also converted the gym to a Pokestop. Their reasoning was that the Pokestop removed “didn’t meet their criteria.” So now all we’re left with is some Pokestops we cannot access for 9/12 months.
So if you live in a semi-rural area like I do. Be careful what you wish for.

You can read the full discussion here.

Rural Spawn Point increase

Pokemon GO Hub posted their analysis of data provided by a local Croatian tracker suggests that the rural spawns were gradually increased over the past 2 days.

Data observation and summary

On the spawn increase:

  • The increase in spawn was not instant, it slowly grew to roughly 15% over 27.04 and 28.04
  • There was no increase in the number of spawn points
  • The amount of encounters per spawn point was increased
  • There was no dramatic increase in spawn “rarity”
    • with more spawns comes a bigger chance of rare encounters, but nothing dramatic

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