Pokemon Sun and Moon Rumors: Sixth Global Mission Going Live on April 25

Pokemon Sun and Moon Rumors: Sixth Global Mission Going Live on April 25

It is almost time for “Pokemon Sun and Moon” players to face a new challenge in the form of yet another Global Mission, and they are expected to do just that later this month.

To be more specific, a new report from Serebii.net mentioned that the sixth Global Mission is expected to go live on April 25. At this point, however, no end date has been reported for it.

Details about what players will need to do for this next Global Mission have not been fully revealed as well, but the aforementioned report did hint that players will be tasked with harvesting Poke Beans from the Poke Pelago.

More information related to what rewards may be offered for completing the sixth Global Mission have not been shared just yet, but if it is anything like the previous ones then Festival Coins will likely be dangled in front of the players once again.

Speaking of which, many “Pokemon Sun and Moon” players are in line to get some more Festival Coins right now as the fifth Global Mission has officially wrapped up and rewards are now being handed out.

The fifth Global Mission was all about hatching eggs and players blew past the goals of hatching 200,000 and 400,000 eggs. Players didn’t just nudge by those goals either, as they tallied a whopping total of 14,503,078 eggs hatched.

Because of that, all players who contributed to the completion of the mission will receive 2,000 Festival Coins, while those who are Global Link members can get 4,000 Festival Coins.

Global Link members can also claim an extra Love Ball, thanks to the total number of eggs hatched exceeding 400,000. Lastly, all Global Link members who hatched at least three eggs to contribute to the mission will also be given five pieces of Rare Candy.

More details about the sixth “Pokemon Sun and Moon” Global Mission should be made available in the near future.

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