Pokemon Go’s Next Event Revealed

Pokemon Go’s Next Event Revealed

A line of code in Pokemon Go‘s newest update has revealed the game’s next event. On Thursday night, Pokemon Go announced that a new update was rolling out to fix some bugs related to the game’s gym overhaul. When the update went live on various APK sites, dataminers found a single line of code related to the game’s upcoming one year anniversary.

Pokemon Go first came out on July 6, 2016, so it appears the game’s next in-game event will be related to its first birthday.

No other new code was found related to the event so we don’t know what the event will entail. The popular speculation is that the game will release a new variant of Pikachu due to a computer graphics conference mentioning Niantic’s plans to release a “rare Pikachu” at the event next month.

Pokemon Go‘s new update will also fix a bug in which a player’s avatar looks either massive or tiny in the overworld map. The update also made a change to the pre-battle buffer to hopefully smooth over some of the many issues players experience in the new gym.

Since Pokemon Go‘s first birthday is less than a week away, we’re guessing that a formal announcement will come as soon as next Monday. Usually, the game makes event announcements about 48 hours before an event, but the upcoming 4th of July holiday in the US could complicate the announcement.

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