Pokemon GO Update: News coming this Friday (or next)

Pokemon GO Update: News coming this Friday (or next)

This week we’re to understand* that the next Pokemon GO update will come by the end of this week. There are two possibilities for this update – one that it’s a major change for the game. The other possibility is that the major aspects of the update will be pushed back another week while this Friday’s update is made mostly of essentials. If the Friday update does end up being a big one, we’ve got a few clues as to what’s going to happen.

The first possibility is that this update will capture the long-awaited Gym Update and spread it across the planet. If this is true, it’s a good time now to make the most of Gyms held in your local area. In the very near future – whether it’s this Friday or soon after – Gyms might well be emptied out in one wide push by Niantic in a worldwide reset.

The worldwide reset is the only really fair way to fix the worldwide cheater problem that’s plagued the game from day one. Once the gym reset is in place, it’s possible – not guaranteed – but possible, that bots and other forms of cheaters won’t be able to interact with the Pokemon Gym at all. Cross your fingers and your toes for that.

*NOTE that the tip we have on this update comes from an unverified source. This source has not provided proof that they work Niantic nor that they’ve got any close ties to the developers, etcetera. This is an impetus for discussing the possibilities of the next update, whenever that may come. Sooner than later, we hope.

The other possibility is that the next Pokemon Event will take place this next week. If it does, we’re banking on it either summoning massive amounts of Fighting Type Pokemon or finally making Unown Pokemon available en masse – if only for a little while. This could in turn lead to the Legendary Pokemon release which has been suggested to be taking place at some point before the end of the year – by Niantic, no less.

Until that time at which the Legendary – or even Mythical Pokemon event comes – enjoy yourself. Head out this Memorial Day week and enjoy that fabulous weather! And don’t forget the Karp to jump!

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