Pokemon GO Trading may come sooner than expected

Pokemon GO Trading may come sooner than expected

Since the original trailer last September teased us about Trading feature, it has been talked about and trainers have been waiting for trading to be added to the game. But two and a half months later, it still hasn’t made its way into the game.

Without getting into the too much of what Pokemon Go Hub found in the code dump of the Pokemon Go 0.37.1 APK, here’s a summary of what it all means:

  • You are able to search for “Trading Players”
  • You are able to create, cancel and complete Trade Offers
  • You can currently trade only Pokemon
  • No info on the visibility and range of Trade Search – it’s too early to say if you’ll be able to trade worldwide or not
  • The trading seems resilient to “connection loss” and will retry once the connection is available again
  • It’s inconclusive what type of connection trading will use…
    • … although it does communicate with the server side to load Trade offers and responses.

By the look of it, a Trading player will set up a Trading Offer and the app will start polling for Trade Responses. The unanswered question is if the polling is going to be limited to local area or will it be global.

The code suggest it is not limited to a local area nor there is any mention of Bluetooth or NFC – the app communicates with the server over Protobuf to load trade offers and responses. What will Niantic enable in terms of Search visibility and range, remains to be seen.

It’s possible you’ll be able to offer a Pokemon and get various “trade responses”. If you decline all of them or cancel the trade, the Pokemon will return to you. That could include offering 1 Pokemon and getting 5 Pokemons as a Trade Response.

Another interesting piece of code we found shows that search can collect multiple player names at once, hinting that Trade offers are not tied 1 on 1 with a player

it looks like we will be able to trade Pokemon when the feature rolls out, but not items. Also, the ability to search for trading players makes it sound like you won’t need to be friends with a player to trade. Instead, you can just search the area and see if anyone in the vicinity (or possibly around the world?) is willing to trade one of their Pokemon for one of yours.

The more we hear about trading, the more likely that an official launch date is approaching. Keep your eyes peeled for more in the coming days.

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