Niantic is constantly changing things, this time they have removed known Pokemon spawn points and added new ones. Niantic instead of just shuffling spawn points, deleted old spans points and added spawn points to new locations.

Trainers had pin pointed regular spawn points with spawn time near them, due to lack of Proper tracking options. Since yesterday many trainer reported old spawn points near them disappear and also reports say that they have spotted new spawn points.

There were 12 spawn points in 1 mile radius around my house, they all have been deleted and just 1 new point added. So have been reported by many rural players, which makes it nearly impossible from them to catch Pokemon now.

The spawn point change comes with a full Nest migration. Its the official 5th Great Migration of Nest.
Niantic has been migrating nests periodically and also changing the locations of spawn points. Trainers have to adjust again to the situation and try to find new spawn points. Equipped only with Sightings this is a time consuming job. On top of that you cannot drive to find new spawn points as Niantic stops Pokemon from spawning when you move faster than 30mph.

Join the discussion of added spawn points and removed spawn points on reddit.

The creator of FastPokeMap will try again to finalize the new Pokemon Go API this weekend. You can read about it here.

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