Pokemon Go: Seven Generations In Four Years?

Pokemon Go: Seven Generations In Four Years?

Pokemon go was just released one and half year ago and we are already working our way through the third generation in Pokemon Go after having gone through Red/Blue, Gold/Silver and now in the middle of the release of the Ruby/Sapphire generation, Gen 3, which should be finished unveiling its Pokemon over the next few weeks.

This when compared to the handheld version of the games, which took almost 20 years to release all the seven generations, it would take about  3-4 years in Pokemon Go.

Niantic wants Pokemon Go to be there for as long as the handheld games have, which again, at this point is 20 years. But at this rate you “catch” the handheld version in just a few years, and then what?


It would be better if Niantic slows down on releasing New Gen very 7 to 9 months and focus on other important aspects of the game. We are seeing small steps in the right direction like the buddy system, weather effects, and Raids. This is not enough and more focus needs to be on improving the game.

Some much-needed improvements:

  •  A revamped battle system
  • Endgame content which has to be more than just stacking up of legendary Pokemon
  • Player vs Player and a lot of other things

Pokmon GO has long term potential, but going forward, I think Niantic needs to start shifting their priorities from quantity to quality.

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