Pokemon Go Raids Allow Players To Catch Pokemon Above Their Level

Pokemon Go Raids Allow Players To Catch Pokemon Above Their Level

With the raids in Pokemon Go now open to most of the playerbase, some players are discovering that even low-level users can join in on the raids to catch some powerful Pokemon that are much higher than their level.

News of this information comes from a thread that was posted on r/TheSilphRoad where a user revealed that the level of the raid bosses found during the raids will not scale down for those Trainers who are below level 20. Level 20 was the minimum level that players had to be in order to participate in raids on June 26, but the level has been continually lowered since raids began with the most recent update bringing the minimum level down to just level 5.

Within the post, the user linked to a video showing proof that a level 10 Trainer had caught a level 20 raid boss. The brief video of the caught Croconaw can be seen here, and as the user suggested, muting the video is probably preferable.

Some readers in the thread who replied took issue with the finding since players wouldn’t normally be able to catch Pokemon above their level like they can apparently do during a raid. Being able to catch these Pokemon through raids would make catching wild Pokemon and hatching eggs underwhelming and pointless compared to the CP from the raid Pokemon, some mentioned.

Others thought that the potential to catch the higher-level Pokemon would be beneficial for both newcomers and the community. Players pointed out that those new players who find themselves not able to contribute to the new raids would be discouraged and would leave the game, and the possibility of catching a Pokemon that would be quite powerful for them would keep them around. Some pointed out that level 20 wasn’t that hard to achieve anyway, so it shouldn’t matter too much.

It’s unclear whether the mechanic will stay or if it’s an oversight that’ll be fixed soon, but for now, it’s a prime time for newer players to try their luck at catching some raid bosses.

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