Pokemon Go – How to Prepare for Gen 3

Pokemon Go – How to Prepare for Gen 3

Generation 3 code in Pokemon Go was found a while ago. The latest version of the App  0.79.2  added audio files and hints from Niantic CEO John Hanke means Gen 3 is coming.

Gen 3 will add a lot of new Pokemon and make big changes to the game in terms of Pokemons that are at the top in terms of fighting in gyms and Raids. So some Pokemon will be replaces from your Battle Team by new and more powerful Pokemons, while some will will become more valuable.

This makes powering up right Pokemon important, as Gen 3 will change a lot of meta.

So these question arises:

  • Which Pokemon you should Power Up to prepare for Gen ?
  • Which Pokemon will become less relevant?

Lets take a look at Pokemon’s which will be most affected with next gen coming in.

Pokemon that will still be at TOP

Tyranitar Raid

130 new Pokemon will be added to the game with release of Gen 3, but still a few Pokemon will still remain at top of the chart. Most important among them, Tyranitar will still be among the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Go‘s metagame.

While Gen  has a lot of Dark-Type Pokemon, none of then will be as strong as Tyranitar in terms of Bulk or Power.

Some Pokemon’s which will become more relevant and valuable are Raikou and Zapdos. This is due to that fact that Pokemon will have a lot of Water-Type Pokemon’s, and Raikou and Zapdos will be best counter to them.

Gen 3 will bring Rayquaza and Deoxys’s, and they will become the best attacker in the game, unless Rayquaza and Deoxys’s stats are nerfed. So Mewtwo will no longer be the top attacker, but still be among the elite attackers that you should power up.

Less but still Relevent

Pokemon Go - How to Prepare for Gen 3 1

Some of the powerful Pokemon that are currently at top of the roost in Pokemon Go, will become less important. Take the example of Dragonite, as arrival of Salamance which has superior Attack and Stamina stats than Dragonite will replace it.

Yes dragonite has a slightly higher CP, but Salamance with superior moveset will be favored as a gym attacker.

Machamp will be the other Pokemon that could be impacted, as Machamp with Fighting-Type moves is one of the best gym attacker to counter Blissey and Snorlax.

However, Breloom and Blaziken the two new Fighting-Type Pokemon will be added and thet both have Attack stats higher than Machamp. Overall CP of Machamp still higher, so some players will probably still prefer Machamp over these new Pokemon.

Irrelevant Ice-Types

Articuno in Pokemon GO.

Ice-Type Lapras and Cloyster are good counters to Dragonite, but their have become less important since gyms can’t be loaded up with multiple Dragonite anymore.

Although they maintained some usefulness in fighting Dragonite and Flying-Type, their remaining niche usefulness will probably be coming to an end once Gen 3 arrives.

Finally Gardevoir a viable Fairy-Type attacker, brings a real Dragon-Type killer in Pokemon Go. Plus, there’s several other new Dragon-Type Pokemon with much higher attacks that should be more effective to use against other Dragon-Types than an underpowered Ice-Type Pokemon.

So, if you’re thinking about powering up a Lapras or an Articuno, save your Stardust for another Pokemon project!

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