Pokemon Go: Same Players Keep Receiving EX Raid Passes

Pokemon Go: Same Players Keep Receiving EX Raid Passes

Pokemon Go keeps sending out EX Raid invites to the same pool of players.

On Friday, Pokemon Go players around the world participated in the latest EX Raid, a special kind of raid that gives players a chance to battle the Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo. Players need an EX Raid Invite to participate in the raid, which is supposedly a random process. The only requirement to get an EX Raid Invite is that players need to have participated in a previous Raid at the location where the EX Raid is to take place.

There’s only one problem with the EX Raid Invite system: the same players seem to keep getting EX Raids.

Pokemon Go sent out another wave of EX Raid Invites shortly after Friday’s EX Raid was completed. However, many of the same players who just battled in EX Raids reported getting yet ANOTHER EX Raid Invite. For some players, this was the third or fourth EX Raid Invite – all of which are at the same location.

Why Aren’t More Players Getting EX Raid Invites?

So – why do the same players seem to get EX Raid Invites over and over again? Well, a big part of the problem is the method in which Pokemon Go is testing the raid mechanic. At least in the United States, most EX Raids tests are being held at gyms sponsored by Sprint and Starbucks. Because Pokemon Go is limiting where the EX Raids are taking place at, only a select group of players are getting the chance to get an EX Raid, many of whom haven’t participated in a “normal” raid at that location in months.

Now, Pokemon Go has repeatedly said that the EX Raids are a work in progress and that they’re working on improving the EX Raid invite process thanks to player feedback. However, it seems counterintuitive (and a bit unfair) that some players have gotten a chance to battle in three of four EX Raids, while most other players haven’t gotten to compete in one.

The easiest solution, of course, is to expand the EX Raid locations to non-sponsored gyms…or to at least give players notice that they need to battle at a Starbucks or Sprint gym if they want a chance to get an EX Raid.

EX Raids are already pretty controversial among Pokemon Go fans, and game developers aren’t helping their cause by creating a perception of imbalance among players. Hopefully, Pokemon Go widens the scope of EX Raids before players grow more impatient and upset with this supposedly important mechanic.

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