Pokemon Go update news: Next big Niantic patch to include Team changes?

Pokemon Go update news: Next big Niantic patch to include Team changes?
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THE NEXT big Pokemon Go update news could include some massive info on how Niantic plan to make drastic changes to how Teams function.

Pokemon Go fans could see some major revamp to parts of the game that many players may have forgotten about since its initial launch back in 2016.

While fans were left intrigued by having to choose between one of the three factions in the early stages of playing Pokemon Go, the actual impact of that decision may have led to some serious disappointment.

It felt like Niantic were planning to dish out a bit of law, while also offering up a link to how Legendary Pokemon would be eventually dished out in the game.

However, the only meaningful role the different factions play in the game now is over which Gym you battle with, not exactly riveting.

But this could all change later this year, if this latest Pokemon Go news proves true.

Niantic are now working on a big Pokemon Go update which will drastically change the role Teams play, while also adding new gameplay features.

One big change will change how the Pokemon Go map looks, with areas being painted the colour of the team that’s in control of the surrounding Gym.

Another part of this update is apparently going to see Gyms share links over distances, which could feed into the next big feature.

Team Missions are apparently another gameplay tweak being worked on, which according to a source talking to Slash Gear, could feed into a single goal worldwide.

This could reportedly be the roadmap toward releasing the first Legendary Pokemon into the game, although Niantic have yet to confirm officially how they plan to do this.

However, while this new Pokemon Go update could be released later this year, it could also be rolled into some kind of new special event release, with teamwork as its theme.

Senior product manager Tatsuo Nomura has spoken more on the company’s plans to expand Pokemon Go’s lore, revealing that while plans were in place, other bigger priorities were keeping resources away.

Niantic currently has around 70 people in all departments, who have been focused more on launching Gen 2 Pocket Monsters and providing more multiplayer features.

Whatever happens in the future, the recent Pokemon Go Water Festival has proven that fans are still hungry for new challenges.

Pokemon Go players caught more than half a billion Magikarp during the week long event.

“Great work, Trainers! Collectively, you caught over 589 million Magikarp during the #PokemonGO Water Festival,” a message from the Niantic support team.

The Water Festival increased the spawn rates for water-based Pokemon, and also introduced Shiny Magikarp and Gyarados variants.

Fortunately, just because the Water Festival is over, Pokemon Go fans can still catch Shiny variants.

Niantic confirmed as much in a recent statement, telling fans that the Shiny variants were still out there.

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