Pokemon GO – Magikarp’s Fight in ‘Epic’ Raid Battle

Pokemon GO – Magikarp’s Fight in ‘Epic’ Raid Battle

Magikarp is considered one of the useless creature in Pokemon GOThis is due to monster’s inability to attack thoroughly, as all it really has is Splash and Struggle. As most of the gaming fans know these moves are ineffective in practically every situation while attacking or defending.

So it is safe to assume, trainers would not use this water monster to fight any raid battle in the game, that is, unless the challenge decides to pit players against another Magikarp a tier 1 Raid boss.

One adventurous group decide to team up against a giant Magikarp, and in order to make it a somewhat even fight, the group uses a bunch of Magikarp to defeat the creature.

At first trainers are not using charged move struggle, as they are heard saying there is no charge move bar. But eventually they figure it out and actual battle begins around the 2:24 mark. At first, most of the trainers express disbelief that beating the boss in such a manner is even possible, with one player asking, “Are we going to time out?”

Again, since Magikarp can only Splash and Struggle, both the raid boss and the Pokemon GO players’ fish flop and flail in an almost endless cycle until the group is finally declared the victor and allowed to capture the creature.

Unfortunately, though, the trainers aren’t given the chance to nab the special version of the fish with a shiny Magikarp, despite their fair-minded effort to defeat the low-tier boss with nine Magikarp in all.

All things considered, this is yet another example of Magikarp’s reputation as one of, if not the most ineffectual Pokemon in existence, as it simply wouldn’t have been an honest fight if the trainers had used a monster like the Eevee-evolved Jolteon during the raid battle.

Nevertheless, while Magikarp in its original form may be denigrated by many for its weak abilities, it eventually has the potential to become the rather powerful Gyarados if given enough attention.

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