Marvel Super War: Namor Joins The Battle

Marvel Super War: Namor Joins The Battle

Marvel Super War has added its first new hero since its launch last week. Namor isn’t a name I’m very familiar with, but he’s a half-human and half-Atlantean who has been a member of the Avengers, Defenders, and X-Men; that’s quite a resume.

Before we get into his in-game abilities, here’s a quick overview from his Marvel biography, if you’re into the whole lore thing.

The hybrid mutant son of an Atlantean and a human, Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner, is alternately loved and hated by Earth’s surface population—often depending on his own actions at the time. As Atlantean royalty who defends his homeland fiercely, Namor has a huge chip on his shoulder. Threaten Atlantis and you just might be met with a full-scale invasion. Get on Namor’s good side, though, and you’ll discover a strong-willed champion of the downtrodden.

Given his tendency to protect Atlantis and the world’s oceans, it’s fitting that Namor joins Marvel Super War has a tank. Looking at the roster for Marvel Super War, Namor is the eighth tank. He joins Hulk, Cull Obsidian, Heimdall, Groot, Ronan, The Thing, and Sandman. Unfortunately, he’s not yet listed on the site’s hero profiles, so we can’t look up the specifics of his abilities or his difficulty.

Marvel Super War currently boasts 42 playable heroes. It’s a pretty robust roster for launch and it’ll be interesting to see how frequently NetEase adds to it.

Currently, Marvel Super War is only available in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. The developer has not yet announced a release date for any other country, which is pretty darn frustrating as there are many Marvel fans who are dying to play this game.

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