AR Plus: A New Way Of Catching Pokemon

AR Plus: A New Way Of Catching Pokemon

Datamine of 0.87.5 APK hinted at a new Augmented Reality mode with advanced catch mechanics.

AR Mode details:

  • Awareness, proximity, and movement
  • Nanab Berries during the encounter
  • AR Plus encounter Bonuses

AR Plus Mode?

AR Plus is a new way to catch a Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you can sneak up and follow the movements of the Pokemon in the real world. It uses AR Kit on iOS and AR Core on Android.



  • Awareness – indicates how aware a Pokemon is of your presence. Less is better.
  • Proximity – the closer you get to a Pokemon, the likely it is you will scare it and it will flee.
  • Jumping – Pokemon can jump from bushes, jump away from you and jump away a certain distance

So you have to approach Pokemon without them getting aware, plus the thresholds can’t be broken during the encounter.


  • “Look around an open area with your device until it recognizes a flat surface.”
  • “Tap the tall grass to find a Pokémon. “
  • “Approach the Pokémon slowly. You’ll get bonus rewards if you catch it!”

 AR Plus thresholds


All the AR Plus thresholds found.

  • Close proximity threshold – do not get too close to the Pokemon you’re pursuing
  • Awareness Flee threshold – the Pokemon will flee if its awareness goes over a particular level.
  • Low awareness, high awareness and awareness penalty thresholds – likely relate to increasing/lowering the difficulty of capturing the Pokemon during the AR Plus encounter
  • Instant frighten threshold – as soon as this is reached, all of your AR Plus encounter attempts are used and the Pokemon is gone
  • Look at player awareness threshold – you can’t be seen directly for too long, otherwise, the Pokemon flees
  • Proximity approach per-second threshold – if you close on the Pokemon faster than an allowed limit during the encounter, the Pokemon you’re pursuing flees
  • Turn speed degree per-second threshold –  you are not allowed to turn your phone faster than fixed number of degrees per second

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