Pokemon Go: Extreme Weather Opt Out

Pokemon Go: Extreme Weather Opt Out

Last month, Pokemon Go introduced a new dynamic weather system based Pokemon Spawn. This system is based on the outside weather, so if it is raining Water Type Pokemon will get a boost and if its sunny outside more Fire-Type Pokemon will be boosted.

However, Niantic had a warning system “Extreme Weather” which prevented people from venturing out during bad weather. This warning shut off the weather system during what the game deemed to be bad conditions. While the Extreme Weather warning was good in theory, it had a tendency to activate even when there wasn’t actually bad weather, which frustrated and upset a lot of fans.


Earlier today, Pokemon Go instituted a way for players to shut off the Extreme Weather warning when it pops up in the game. When a player sees the warning pop up, they can hit a button specifying that they’re being safe. The extreme weather warning will shut off and the dynamic weather system will turn back on.

Players seem pretty happy about Pokemon Go‘s solution to the Extreme Weather solution. Pokemon Go gets culpability in case someone actually decides to go out in bad weather to play, and players aren’t penalized for playing indoors during a thunderstorm or other “extreme” weather conditions.

Niantic has promised a few more surprises before year-end in Pokemon Go, so stay tuned.


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