Pokemon Go Exploit Lets Players Reroll Raid Bosses For Higher CP

Pokemon Go Exploit Lets Players Reroll Raid Bosses For Higher CP

A new raid boss glitch has been discovered in Pokemon Go that allows players to swap out their raid boss for one with a potentially higher power level.

The exploit in question was recently discovered by a Pokemon Go Trainer after noticing a visual bug that occasionally takes place during the catch phase of raids. With a bit of time and an understanding of the raid system, players can work together to take home a stronger Gengar or other raid bosses.

There are a couple of guidelines that players must adhere to generate a raid boss with a higher CP level, but for those that are focused on maximizing the power of their Pokemon, the time put into the exploit could help build a more enviable team.

The Visual Bug

The method that players can use to get a Pokemon with a higher CP begins with a visual bug that involves a Pokemon’s power being determined at the beginning of a raid battle.

When victorious in a raid battle, the catch screen will display a certain CP for a Pokemon that players can expect to stick should they catch the raid boss. Trainers participating in the same raid can see different CP levels though, but if at least two players are participating in a raid and one closes out the game during the catch screen, there’s a chance that they’ll see the other Trainer’s CP level once they reload the app.

That part is just a visual bug as players will still receive the same CP that they saw at first. Redditor DH025 explained the bug in detail by saying that it wouldn’t change what CP you receive, but it does show that different CP levels are set for players at the start of a raid.

Using the Glitch To Change CP

However, further testing revealed that players can, in fact, use the glitch to their advantage.

A raid boss can have its CP re-rolled more than once during a raid by using the visual bug to evaluate potential CP results. The Redditor described a real experiment where two players fought the same Pokemon with the visual bug confirming that they would have seen two different CP levels.

After leaving the battle before its completion and learning from the first player – ideally someone in a group that’s working together on the raids – about the different CP levels, the second player has a choice to make. They can either rejoin the same raid battle after using information from the CP bug to decide if it’s the power level they want to try for, or they can wait 15 minutes without interacting with the gym to re-roll the Pokemon.

The next time that the Trainer participates in the same raid after 15 minutes, the raid boss will have a different predetermined CP level.

The Re-roll Can Be Done Multiple Times

During one raid, the reroll exploit can be used multiple times until players roll a Pokemon with a desirable CP level. In order to have the visual bug work, there has to be more than one player involved in the raid, but when it comes to actually rerolling the Pokemon, the exploit seems to work with one person. However, you wouldn’t know what the CP of the catch phase Pokemon is by yourself, so rerolling the raid boss would be more of a gamble.

For more in-depth breakdowns of the experiments and tactics used to reroll raid bosses’ CP, it’s definitely advised to take another look at Redditor DH025’s guide before gambling your CP.

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