Pokemon Go EX Raids targeting 1st time recipients and outdoor venues

Pokemon Go EX Raids targeting 1st time recipients and outdoor venues

Pokemon Go is getting a new wave of EX Raids, targeting mostly Trainers that haven’t had a chance to raid! As of the time of this writing, we can confirm that this series of EX Raids is worldwide, its taking place both at normal and sponsored Gyms and it includes cities and players which have never had raids before.

The common dates and time slots for this EX Raid series are 9th and 11th Novembertime slots in the afternoon. The raid time window is still 45 minutes long, the same as with previous raid invites.

Reports indicate the following distribution and coverage pattern:

  • parks and other outdoor locations have been commonly selected this round
  • equal number of sponsored and normal Gyms have been selected
  • a lot of invite recipients are 1st time recipients
  • recent EX raiders don’t have reduced / increased chance to be invited again, with some even receiving two raid passes on the same day

We are really happy to see that the invite distribution mechanism has been improved. Recently, we were not too keen to report on new waves of EX Raid invites, mostly due to how clumsy and randomly they were distributed.

This time around, there finally seems to be rhyme and reason to the mechanism and players seem to appreciate this. After weeks of angry “Why didn’t I get an invite” tweets, it’s refreshing to read something like this (congratulations Mythodical, we hope you catch Mewtwo on your first raid):

Of course, there is still room for improvement, especially for players that receive multiple invites on the same day. Although interesting, we can see how this could end up being an annoyance, especially with EX Raids that start around the same time in different parts of a larger city:

We congratulate those who got their first EX invite this time around. To those who were not lucky enough, don’t worry, we believe that Niantic will give everyone a chance to catch Mewtwo before the end of this year.


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